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El pasado día 27 de junio, en un acto organizado en el marco del FORUM ACUSTICUM 2017 celebrado en la ciudad de Boston, le ha sido entregado a Antonio el EAA AWARD por su contribución a la promoción de la Acústica en Europa.

Michael Taroudakis fue la persona encargada de hacer la semblanza de Antonio y los méritos que le hacía acreedor de tal distinción, pronunciando las siguientes palabras:

Antonio Pérez López is perhaps the person who will be considered in the history of European Acoustics as the most representative of a European Acoustician.

He graduated from the University of Madrid with a degree in Physics and later he got the Diploma in Audiophonology from the same University. He continued his studies in England obtaining a Master D.I.C. by the Imperial College,

University of London. He started his career in Acoustics at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid and served as the Chief of the Noise Lab. Later, he worked as the General Director of the Spanish Branch of the German Group “Rheinhold & Mahla”.

From the very beginning, Antonio showed a unique ability to combine science with education and production. He was able to speak with students at the University presenting, in a professional way, the scientific aspects of sound and noise, to share new ideas with scientists working exclusively in the research sector, and at the same time to decide on the production of new materials related to noise and vibration control. He also demonstrated his administrative skillsworking in the industry and taking care of its running issues including the working relations of the employees of all ranks.

His involvement in all possible aspects of acoustics, in connection with his personal character and his belief in the necessity for collaboration between people and the dissemination of knowledge, dictated the way he dealt with the scientific unions devoted to science and in particular to acoustics. First, he was involved in Spanish acoustics becoming founding member of the Spanish Acoustical Society (Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA) and serving it as General Secretary and later as President, a position he holds until now. Under the leadership of Antonio the SEA has been now widely recognized as a model society in Europe. Checking the activities of the SEA which are rich of innovations and consistent activities, people will soon recognize that Antonio is behind the scenes.

Feeling European, he also dedicated his activities to the European Acoustics Association (EAA). He was the person to resolve the legal status of EAA by registering the association under the Spanish Law and undertaking all the necessary preparatory actions. He, also, offered the headquarters of the Spanish Acoustical Society to host the office of EAA. There after, Antonio was appointed as the Director of the EAA office in Madrid, but being determined to promote the idea of a unified Europe he offered himself as the vital link between all the EAA boards and the National Societies. He was the person to look after all the European National Societies, especially the small or new ones, being in close contact with their boards and trying to show them the road map to success. Being member of the EAA executive council he was the person to ensure the continuation of the function of the EAA and its relation with other international Federations, Commissions, and/or Associations. He was always “pulling the strings” in the background, suggesting and implementing innovations in administrative, educative, and scientific aspects, mitigating conflicts, thinking forward, and giving the EAA a friendly and cooperative spirit.

Antonio has many beliefs: He believes in Science, in Solidarity, in Europe, in People, in Cooperation. He treats everybody as if he or she is a member of his family, trying to educate, comfort, introduce motivations, discuss future plans, and resolve current issues. He is always a good friend, “father” or “brother” to his collaborators. He is a real volunteer in life and science. He likes and believes in youth. He is able to communicate effectively with the young people.

Among the many activities he has devoted to the youth, one may mention the production of educational material for young students aiming at their introduction to sound and noise, his support to the Young Acousticians Network of the EAA always suggesting the Presidents and the board to invest on the young scientists, and his continuous efforts to organize seminars and special courses for young acousticians.

Antonio is well known worldwide for his activities, having served the science of acoustics from different posts. He is a Member of the board of the International Commission for Acoustics since 2007 and Treasurer since 2010. He has been President of the FIA (Ibero-American Federation of Acoustics), currently being member of the board. He has organized many International Conferences and Symposia which remain in history of acoustics for their success. He has established good relations with many non-european countries for instance Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Algeria bringing to them the air of European acoustics and asking them to actively participate in European acoustics events.

Antonio will keep going, showing the way to all his friends and fellow acousticians.

A estas palabras de Michael Taroudakis, Antonio respondió con la siguiente alocución:

Dear Presidents of the American Acoustical Society and the European Acoustical Association. dear colleagues, dear friends,

Let me first of all thank Prof. Michael Taurodakis for his extremely nice introduction, he exaggerated my merits.

Thank you very much as well to EAA for this Award and in particular to the German and Italian acoustical societies and their presidents, Michael Vorländer and Luigi Maffei, for proposing my name for this very distinguished Award.  

Of course my earliest thoughts go to my dearest wife and my large family, my five sons and daughters and ten grandchildren, my strongest supporters.

I started in Acoustics during my last year at the University with Professor Andres Lara in Madrid. There were very few of us then working on this field in Spain –actually, I was the second one... I am happy to see now how this area has developed and increased in importance in our country.

Soon after university, I had the opportunity to work with Prof. Grützmacher at the PTB, Braunschweig, and with Dr. Raymond R. Stephens at the Imperial College of London. For a young physicist like me, from a country where research was so difficult, these were really great opportunities that marked my life.

In 1969, almost fifty years ago, I cofounded with Prof. Lara the Spanish Acoustical Society. Today I remain very grateful for the excellent work and progress done by the Spanish Acousticians. Many thanks to all of them and especially to Antonio Calvo-Manzano, Ana Delgado and Salvador Santiago, for their hard work and commitment.

I have always enjoyed the international relationship among acoustic societies. But I must thank Prof. Jens Blauert, who inspired me twenty years ago, during our Spanish Congress in Oviedo, he has convinced me that “to build a Europe in peace, we cannot let politicians alone do it; scientists and technicians, we have to contribute as well”. I must recognize that the Jens’ midnight speech was supported with a bottle of “cider”, and the following morning, after two big coffees, I started to get intensively involved with the European and International Acoustics Associations. Jens  many thanks.

To conclude, I would like to thank all colleagues of the large acoustics community paraphrasing the Former President Obama on his farewell speech: “All that I’ve learnt in my professional time, I have learnt it from you. You made me a better man“…

Dear friends and many thanks…



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