Travel Aids


             Travel aids for Young Acousticians

The Spanish Acoustical Society-SEA- wishing to facilitate the attendance to TECNIACUSTICA 2017 -48th  Spanish Congress on Acoustics and Iberian Encounter on Acoustics-, offers five aids to Young Acousticians, according to the following rules:

1. These travel aids are open to all master and doctorate students in any specialty of acoustics in universitie five s, either public or private, from all over the world, preferably members of one of the acoustical societies of the Eropean Acoustics Association -EAA-, of the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA), and of the Ibero-American Federation of Acoustics (FIA) and attending and presenting a paper at TECNIACÚSTICA 2017.

2. The candidates will have a maximum age of 30 years by the 31st of December of 2017.

3. The amount of every travel aid is of 500 Euros for Young Acoustics not resident in Spain or Portugal and 300 EUR or Young Acoustics resident in Spain or Portugal, and the registration at TECNIACUSTICA 2017 is included.

4. The applications will be addressed to the secretariat of the Spanish Acoustical Society before the 15th of June 2017 by means of the adjoining form, accompanied by a copy of the passport, university title, Curruculum Vitae, studies certificate, and title and abstract to be presented at TECNIACÚSTICA 2017. All the documents will be sent to . No postal or fax sending will be considered.

5. A Committee of the SEA will be in charge of the selection of the adjudications of the travel aids.

6. The decision of the adjudication will be published the 15th June 2017.

7. The payment of the travel aid to the winners will be made in A Coruña during the TECNIACUSTICA  2017.

8. The Sociedad Española de Acústica reserves the right to verify those items that it believes necessary related to the studies made by the adjudicators of the travel aids. 

9. The adjudicators of the travel aids accept in full these rules. The SEA Secretariat and the selection Committee will solve any point that is not contemplated in them.


Presents the application to a travel aid to attend TECNIACUSTICA 2017 and accompanies the following documents (send to



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