Structured Sessions

Invited and Free Communications will be are grouped in Structured Sessions following:

AAM-0.  Environmental Acoustics. Management and control of noise

AAM-1. Noise Strategic Maps of the 3rd round and associates Actions Plans

AAM-2. Analysis and evaluation of noise and vibrations in electric and hybrid vehicles

AAM-3. Perception of discomfort: Acoustic Comfort

AAM-4. Noise and vibrations in working environments

AAM-5. Natural and urban soundscapes. ISO 12913

AAM.6. Intelligent Cities and the internet of things in the field of acoustics and sound

AED-0. Acoustics in buildings

AED-1.The research in building acoustics: Techniques, procedures and solutions

AED-2. New materials and acoustics devices

AED-3. Quality systems and technical compliance in Acoustic Laboratories

AED-4. Standards and tests in building acoustics

AEV-0. Structural acoustics and vibrations

AMS-0. Musical acoustics

ASL-0. Acoustic design of rooms and virtual acoustics

ULT-0. Ultrasound



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